Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving on

Wednesday 26 Sept

It's a good thing that we have had an influx of YSA to the Jönköping area. Since July we have had new additions from YW such as Madeliene and Caroline, comebacks Ann-Sophie and her sister Carolina, return missionary Oscar, recent converts Sunday and Catherine and new move-ins like Kitzia, Laura, Joakim, Gustav, and David.
For there are those who have moved on to new places and challenges away from our mist. We have Rebecka who moved to Stockholm after her studies to work at Carolinska Institutet in Huddige as a nurse, Karin who moved to Nörrköping to take on her first job as a dental hygenist, Marie to Boston, Massachussets, USA as an au pair for a period of thirteen months, Marina to learn Spanish in Argentina for a few months, Shara started her studies at Göteborgsuniversitetet and Leo also started studing at a university level in Bioscience in Sheffield, England.
So that's the irony, a handful moved out as many moved in. Isn't it interesting how the Lord works! Gotta keep Jönköping a happening place as well as assisting the missionary efforts of spreading the word. Most who meet the missionaries are our age. So whenever you are asked to do something, make sure you put some time and effort into it. Then when we or the missionaries bring friends to activities and lessons, they will enjoy that it is well prepared, well thought out and fun! We all like to see such lessons and activities! Let's keep it up! Yeah!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Monday 17 Sept.

We started off with a spiritual thought for the evening. Oscar shared as we have trials in our lives, we ought to have our sight on Christ. We all do mistakes like at our place of employment, and come to our boss and ask for assistance or a solution. He paralleled that with our lives and to Christ since we all fall short of perfection. We should always lean on our Saviour for support and communicate in prayer with our Heavenly Father.

The activity portion was a Greek styled Olympic event known as a pentathlon held by Isak. Everyone wore togas and stuff. Just kidding. Though we did not wrestle and throw javelins which would've been way fun, we did other events instead. Everyone was divided up into two teams of six. We started off spinning around an innebandy stick a dozen times and ran to the end of the court and back. Next we ran back and forth with a pear on a spoon positioned in our mouth. After that, we did the potato sack race with garbage bags. Next to last, we did the classic three-legged race. To finish things off, we played a version of dodgeball. It's always nice to get the body going. :=)

As always we finished off with fika by courtesy of Kitzia. Fantastic fruit was finely cut into cubed bite-sized pieces to be ready for devouring. To add a bit of yumminess to the refreshing dessert a dollop of vanilla ice cream would be placed adjacent to it. The experience was ummms good!
Thank you everybody for coming, participating and having a good time! Laters ya'll!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday News

Sunday 16 Sept

In today's news we have a few items to mention:

Carolina Ribbert is back from England after an internship as a cook. Welcome back!
Ann-Sophie Ribbert is back from an honorable release from her Manchester England Mission. She is back early due to health reasons. Welcome back!
Laura got called to serve as a ward missionary.
Kitzia was called to serve as a greeter/usher.
Leo was released today as the Young Single Adult representative. Thanks for the support that I have received. I hope you give the predecessor a warm welcome and lots of support. :)

There's a great video about institute with a promise from President Hinckley. Check it out below!
The video and more information can be found at:

Saturday, September 15, 2007


16 Sept Sunday

Sunday is a nice time to have a potluck dinner. We did have one at the Hagmans. People showed their cooking skills and baking skills. It was fun to taste those skills. Even by taking a little bit of each, the plate ended up to look like a mountain of food. It was more or less like a buffet. We had a good sized group of approx. 20 which made it nice.

Then we went to see the CES broadcast. The speaker spoke about the importance of prayer and how we should utilize it. You can listen to it in any of the 24 languages at,7341,395,00.html

Thanks for making the potluck such a success by contributing what you could dish out! :D

Monday, September 10, 2007

Recent Baptisms

9 Sept Sunday

This year of 2007 we have had four baptisms in our ward. They are pictured to the left. Below you can see when they got baptized.

Marie Ahlin (to the far right) had her baptismal service on the 22th of January at 16:00.
Sandra Larsson (second from the right) had her baptismal service on the 12th of maj at 9:30.
Sunday Ugulu (to the far left) had his baptismal service on the 17th of July at 19:00.
Catherine Yafan Zhang (second from the far left) had her baptismal service on the 8th of September at 10:00.

One thing consistent among these dates is that they were on a Saturday.

The very cool part of it all is that they all are part of the YSA! Hurrah! What a great addition and strength we've got now!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday 9 Sept

Tonight we had our Institute Primiere class with an astounding 25 people. But there were quite a few visitors as well that helped pack the room. We will continue to have Br. Hagman as our institute teacher. Br. and Sis. Hagman have been our YSA couple who've been our support.
We're looking forward to getting to know the Pearl of Great Price a little better this school year.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hemafton: Energy

Monday 2 Sept

We got to move our bodies in this evening of events. Energy was depleted and calories zapped. First off was a spiritual thought by Laura. Then we headed into the activity part which had three phases. The first one was to warm us up. "Get a grip" is what it was called. With everyone in a large circle, each person was to place their right hand palm up in front of the person on their right’s midsection; they are then to position their left hand directly over the palm in front of their own midsection with index finger pointing down approximately one inch above the palm. On the count of three, each person should try to grab the finger above their right palm while simultaneously moving their own left index finger up, out and away to safety. One, two, three . . . We did the activity a few times so the folks would get the hang of the movements. It's a fun way to illustrate the concept that you can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time very well. If you do, you're gonna blow a circuit.

Then we had played an activity which has no name that I know of but lets call it "extension". It's like tag. Two people, Marina and I who were "it", held hands in the middle of the court. Everyone else was on one side of the court. Then everyone ran to the other side. Whoever we tagged gets extended on by holding our hand. So eventually there was a long string of people trying to tag the last person. It kinda looks like the chinese dragon in a parade.

Finally we ended the evening with ultimate frisbee. Ah, it feels good to sweat and run around on a football field.

Of course, to be in line with the healthy side of things this night we had fruit for refreshments which is always refreshing. Thanks for coming to this event to keep our bodies fit!